[Image: QOROX’s latest 3D printed concrete solution designed to increase marine life in Auckland Harbour]

We are thrilled to announce our partnership with the Eke Panuku Development Auckland in a groundbreaking project aimed at rejuvenating the marine ecosystem of Te Waitematā.

At QOROX, we are dedicated to pushing the boundaries of innovation in 3D printed concrete, and this collaboration represents a significant leap forward in sustainable urban development.

The project involved the creation of 3D printed modules designed to enhance the health of the waters surrounding Westhaven Marina and Wynyard Point. The modules were designed and printed in collaboration with Eke Panuku and leading marine ecologists. They will serve as artificial habitats for marine species, addressing the impacts of heavy tides and pollutants on existing marine life.

QOROX 3D printing technology has allowed us to create a bespoke design for the needs of Eke Panuku, tailoring the print to mimic the natural features of large ngākihi (limpets) and werewere (barnacles) which will help to foster a rockpool effect to encourage marine life that to develop a diverse marine habitat.

“We’re proud to contribute to the creation of sustainable environments that benefit both marine life and the community,” says QOROX Director Wafaey Swelim.

“This initiative aligns with our core values of environmental stewardship and technological innovation and is another step in the right direction that will allow 3D printing technology to create a more sustainable Aotearoa.”

For more information about this transformative project, you can find the full story on the Eke Panuku website here.