3D Printed Concrete Safety Barriers

QOROX 3D printed technology is revolutionising the way traditional bollards are made with a custom solution for New Zealand retailers to help guard against ram raids and vehicular damage.

Traditionally, business owners have been restricted to choosing inconvenient and distracting concrete blocks or steel bollards to protect their storefronts against ram raiders, taking away from the overall appearance of the store.

Where business owners opt to install steel or retractable bollards, they are often declined by territorial authorities due to the location of underground lifeline services in the footpath such as three waters or telecommunications infrastructure.

Enter QOROX customised 3D printed concrete technology.

Our range of bespoke street furniture, such as planter boxes, seating and tables offers cost-effective, convenient, and customisable options that enhance the overall streetscape across New Zealand and don’t interfere with lifeline services.

Built off-site by our CyBe technology, QOROX’s unique 3D printer eliminates the need for heavy transporters to bring concrete bollards to site or for heavy machinery to position in the optimal location.

Take back your store safety by creating a custom protective barrier solution for your business.

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See our customised textured 3D printed concrete planter boxes in action at Vetro Mediterranean Foods in Rostrevor Street, Hamilton. The planter boxes feature a unique wave design to create an attractive look and feel for the specialty food wholesaler and retailer. Our CyBe 3D printer took 25 minutes to complete all four planter boxes.