Some answers to your questions

Has it been tested in New Zealand and is it seismically rated?

Yes, it has been independently tested in New Zealand and is compliant with the latest standards. During the testing, QOROX wall’s strength exceeded the NZ standards requirements by almost 10 folds.

How much does it cost?

Here are some indicative pricing which can change without prior notice:

  • Benches price starts around $2500.
  • Planters price starts from $600.
  • Residential wall cost is similar to timber walls with weatherboard cladding.
  • Commercial wall cost is similar to installed decorative precast panels.

The walls of an average house can be printed in one week and we can print with speeds of up to 4.5 square metres an hour.

Where and who does QOROX provide its services to?

We are based in Hamilton and we are currently focused on servicing Auckland, Waikato and BOP regions. We are willing to travel out of our service area for special projects.

We are currently focusing on Business to Business and unique private projects.


One of the biggest advantages of QOROX is that we can do small custom runs without a financial burden. We also have a range of designs that have been developed in Europe and New Zealand.

Weight and size of prints

QOROX is printed with 35 Mpa concrete, so it weighs as much as concrete does (very solid & heavy).

The robot has a reach of D 2500mm x W 5000mm x H 4000mm, we can also print onsite and off-site.

Fire rating & Weather tightness

QOROX walls are not combustible (same as concrete). Water doesn’t penetrate them, actually one of QOROX’s applications is water tanks and manholes.

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