Commercial & Residential

We offer a variety of efficient, quick, sustainable and affordable solutions for the construction industry. We help develop the construction industry in New Zealand by capitalising on the advantages of additive manufacturing and introducing Construction 4.0. The technology allows us to replicate the below international projects carried by our partner CyBe.


Meeting Facilities



Cafes & Retail

Utility Buildings




G +7 Apartments

Is one of the World 1st multi-storey 3d Printed apartment blocks.

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R & Drone Lab

Built-in 2017 in Dubai as part of Dubai’s 2030 plan to 3d Print 25% of all buildings by 2030. It is also one of the first 3d Printed building in the Middle East.

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Meeting Factory

With curved and overhanging load-bearing walls, this meeting factory is one of its kind.

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Studio House

The house is part of the Saudi Kingdom Transition program 2020 and is in the housing solution forefront.

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One of the world’s first 3d printed houses, design by CLS Architects and built in 46 hours.

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Meet House

Was built in collaboration with the American University of Sharjah in the United Arab Emirates.

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